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Terms and Conditions
1. Fees are to be paid in advance for each new half term or at the first lesson. If fees aren’t received by the first lesson a £10 late fee will be charged. Your child will not be allowed to attend the class until full payment has been received.
2. Fees are based on a 5 - 7 week half term.
3. Fee letters/emails will be provided at the end of each half term for the following half term. Please write student’s name on the back of cheques written out to Michaela Poulton School of Dance. If fees are being paid by cash could you please put cash in a sealed envelope with the student’s name on the front. Use of Internet Banking clearly state student’s name on the reference. Account Name: Michaela Poulton School of Dance Sort Code 56-00-49 Account 32636121
4. Fees are subject to change and MPSD will notify you a minimum of one month in advance of any increase in fees.
5. A half a term’s notice to MPSD is required for any pupil wishing to discontinue any class or leave the school. If the required notice is not received, the full payment of the pupil’s fees for the following half term will be due.
6. Should any pupil wish to discontinue any class or leave the school without due notice, refunds for any unused classes will not be given.
7. Prior permission must be sought from any pupil wishing to participate in any external dance related vocational classes, amateur or professional productions, festivals and competitions.
8. Parents who book MPSD private lessons, must pay in advance for these classes when they are booked. Refunds will not be given in the event of the pupil not attending pre-booked private lessons. Private lessons will be booked in writing by MPSD as agreed.
9. Pupils are required to attend class wearing the correct uniform and hair. Details can be found on www.MichaelaPoultonSchoolofDance.co.uk
10. Please ensure that your child goes to the toilet before class and brings a bottle of water.
11. MPSD do not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to property left on the premises.
12. MPSD will encourage student to take exams. Pupils will only be entered when they have reached the required standard (decided by the teacher.) Pupils taking Grade exams will be required to attend a compulsory extra class in the half term before the exam takes place. Parents will be notified at the appropriate time. Students wishing to take exams in Grades 4 and above and pointe work, must attend two ballet technique classes weekly. This does not apply to children in other classes. MPSD has the right to withdraw any pupil from an examination at any stage.
13. Fees for ballet exams must be returned by the deadline on the form. Late fees will incur a £10.00 charge.
14. MPSD endeavour to ensure that your children are dancing in a safe and comfortable environment. We ask you to bring and collect your child promptly and provide us with written details of changes in drop off/pick up arrangements, special medical needs etc.
15. Pupils will not be allowed to leave the dance areas until they are collected. Written permission is required should you wish your child to be allowed to leave unsupervised.
16. All students must be registered for the classes they attend. Unregistered children will not be allowed to participate in the class.
17. Please ensure that MPSD receives any changes to pupil’s contact details in writing. All details will be held in strict confidentiality (Data Protection Act 1998) and will not be passed on to outside parties.
18. Parents/guardians are invited to watch classes during Watching Week, which is generally held at the end of each term. MPSD reserves the right to cancel Watching Week. Filming and photography are not allowed except by permission and with the discretion of the teacher during Watching Week.
19. Pupils will be asked to leave without notice for any serious breach of the school’s terms and conditions or for any other serious misconduct. No refund will be given
20. Pupils will be asked to leave without notice for any serious behaviour towards a Michaela Poulton School of Dance Teacher, Assistant or Student. No refund will be given.
21. The school does not discriminate on background, race or religion, regularly monitors staff to maintain school teaching policies and adheres to Health and Safety procedures to ensure that each child dances in a class appropriate to their level of development..
22. From time to time it is necessary for the teachers to use physical contact when helping to improve pupils’ posture or assist in movements. This includes physical contact between students ie. holding hands.
23 . Pupils that are ill or unable to attend class will need to email, text or call to let the class teacher know of this. Contact number: Kayla - 07880343273 Email address: info@michaelapoultonschoolofdance.co.uK
24 . MPSD are committed to Parents and children. We will always make sure there are cover teachers in case of sickness or other situations. In the event classes need to be cancelled MPSD will text, email or comment on Facebook and will rearrange an alternative class for a different day. MPSD aim to give you a minimum of an hours notice. If you are not able to make the cover class there will be no refund.

I confirm that I/we have read and fully understand the terms and conditions of the Michaela Poulton School of Dance and agree to comply with terms and conditions set out.