I’ve danced since I was little but never really felt I belonged to a dance group , I lacked confidence and doubted my ability .After 12 years mum discovered Michaela .I went along to a class well just micheala and me … But I’ve never looked back the class grew my confidence grew and I’m still loving it at least 3 times a week !!

Skye Clarke

I had the pleasure of working with Michaela during her 3 years of intensive training. I coached her in technique, RAD exams, competitions and performance. I pushed Michaela hard (I think she called it getting whipped) but she never complained and always responded well. She would rise to whatever challenge she was given or goal that was set and never gave anything less than an outstanding performance. I’m delighted and very proud to see her passing her knowledge and experience on to all the young dancers at MPSD, they are very fortunate to have her. Michaela’s caring and enthusiastic character can only bring out the best in the dancers and I look forward to following the success of the school.

Sara-Maria Barton

What a brilliant dance class this is for my 5 year old little one. I wanted something outside of school that an energetic, creative pre-schooler could attend and burn off some energy! I’ve found it in Funky Jazz and the best thing is that my daughter absolutely loves it! Kayla is a wonderful teacher, firm but fair and she looks for potential in children, which is important me. I really admire Kayla, not many young people go out there, create something from scratch to benefit themselves and a community and work hard to achieve the success she is beginning to find. Well done Kayla!

Claire Morrison

Miss Kayla is great with children. Always welcoming, warm and very supportive. Both of my children love the lessons and are happy to dance. I hope I will see a show one day as they seem to learn something new every time Keep up the fantastic work!

Steffi Bludovsky

Both my girls have classes with Miss Kayla, one in Funky Street Jazz and the other in ballet. They both enjoy their lessons so much and love going each week. Their confidence has grown since starting and I feel that these lessons do so much more than teach them dance. It improves their social skills, independence, confidence to name but a few things, I am sure they will continue having lessons with Miss Kayla for a long time yet!
Jackie Massey
Such a talented lady and helpers teaching my partners little girl dance she enjoys it and has had fun with every class she has attended and is so eager to show us after her class what she has learnt she is so happy when in your care thank you so much
Terri Donovan
Kayla’s enthusiasm and fun way of teaching has had a wonderful influence on our 4 year old daughter Phoebe since she started ballet nearly 5 months ago!! Saturdays now mean ballet to her and nothing else!! Not only is she now so proud that she attends ballet each week (she chose her ballet uniform when it was her turn at school for show and tell recently), her balance and coordination has come on leaps and bounds!! We cannot recommend MPSD enough! Thank you Miss Kayla
Sally Parker
Miss Kayla is a fantastic and friendly dance teacher. My daughter really looks forward to her lessons. Would highly recommend.
Helen Newman
Absolutely brilliant dance school. We joined after moving back to Exeter and Faith’s confidence has come on leaps and bounds! Faith looks forward to her dance session every week and loves Miss Kayla and the rest of her team to bits. I would definitely recommended this MPSD time and time again.
Whitney Watson
My 4 and 2 year old boys do Funky Jazz and they absolutely LOVE it, they come home and show me those “moves” each week. All the team are amazing with them both. Thank you for bringing sparkle to our lives.
Niki Payne
My daughter has been attending Pre Primary Ballet classes for the past 6 months and absolutely loves it! Miss Kayla and Miss Ellie are wonderful teachers and my 4 year old can’t wait for her next lesson. Highly recommended!
Leanne Edge
Ruby started ballet with Kayla’s school of dance 8 months ago and absolutely loves coming. Kayla and her team are so friendly and encouraging and have a lovely way of teaching little ones the basics of ballet in a fun way that they can relate to. I wanted to do ballet as a little girl but never got the chance – I am so happy that I’ve found a class as brilliant as Kayla’s school of dance for my little girl!
Lucy Hancock

I can’t recommend MPSD highly enough. Miss Kayla and Miss Skye offer continual support and encouragement, and most of all make lessons fun! Niamh’s confidence has grown greatly and I have noticed a massive change in her, for which I am very grateful.

Steph Clark

 My son loves to dance and with Miss Kaylas help his confidence is growing and his learning new things! Always such a warm welcome from Miss Kayla and other students.
Zooie Abraham

A friendly and relaxed atmosphere, designed to maximise the children’s learning potential. Well structured classes with plenty of dance content and fun.

Chantal Street

After a bad start with another ballet teacher I was sceptical with Kayla but my daughter instantly took to her. Not only is Kayla professional and a fantastic dancer herself, but also an amazing teacher and very friendly. She makes teaching fun and constantly has the little ones attention and respect. I can not recommend her highly enough, my 5 year old daughter comes home practising every day and if she had her way we would be going to ballet every night. Thanks Kayla.

Louise and Brooke Allison

Jemima is really enjoying your ballet classes and gets excited each week. I asked her what she enjoys the most and she said ‘well really everything!’. She is really looking forward getting her new uniform. We can’t wait for the Frozen workshop too! Thank you for keeping my daughters passion for dancing going, she was so sad when her last ballet teacher ended the lessons but is delighted to have a new teacher she loves just as much.

Susie Plank

We had been looking for dance classes that would suit my son and The Michaela Poulton School of Dance is a perfect fit. He loves his Funky Jazz lessons and always wants to know how long it will be for the next class. Thank you Kayla.

Louise Lewis

Kayla is a fantastic dance teacher, warm, kind and brilliant with the kids. Sam loves going to dance & is always showing us the moves that he learns. It’s a great opportunity for him to work on his co-ordination and helps develop his social skills. I’m so glad that Rockbeare has such an amazing dance school.

Kate Humpherys

My 3 year old daughter loves her dance classes with Miss Kayla. For me, it has been lovely to watch how she develops with her dancing, and I can’t wait to observe that progression further.

Emma Rice

Samira (5) loves finishing school on a Monday afternoon knowing she is heading to her funky jazz class. She has missed class over the summer holidays and cannot wait to return. Michaela is so good with all the children and was so supportive when Samira injured her leg and was unable to attend for the rest of the term and the start of the next term. I defiantly recommend the funky jazz classes for sure!

Gemma Bradbury

Both Ella and Rowan have thoroughly enjoyed their ballet class with Miss Keyla – it was so lovely to be able to see them in action ourselves last July! Ella is very excited about the new term and all the new moves she is going to learn which will help her complement her gymnastics classes. Keep up the good work!

Carine Equete

My 10 year old girl has been going to ballet classes with Miss Kayla and Miss Ellie for a year now, and loves the dancing and the teachers. It’s great having the new dance studio at Cranbrook school – very exciting to have barres and mirrors. She can’t wait for Wednesday when they return after the summer!

Jackie Fowler

Hugely pleased with finding Miss Kayla and her team. my 3 year old daughter has loved the pre-primary ballet group since she was 2. Miss Kayla allows all the children to feel comfortable and strive to do the best they can which has boosted my daughters confidence and she loves to show off her ballet everywhere!

S-J Stinchcombe

My daughter absolutely loves her jazz class. Best thing I have put her in. Her confidence has grown so much over the past few years thanks to the support Michaela gives all the dancers. She’s always looking forward to going and has made some lovely friends too. Highly recommend. Xx

Charlette Smith

Would highly recommend this dance school my daughter absolutely loves going and loves michaela everybody is so friendly and encouraging!!

Jessica Pepper

My little girl is now 4 and been going for almost a year ! She has grown in confidence and looks forward every week for her dance classes ! Fab , fun and friendly !!!

Emma Bolt

Miss Kayla is AWESOME!! Excellent classes, which are very well taught. All children always leave her classes with a smile. My daughter started attending senior jazz and loved it 🙂 She now attends senior jazz and stretch with a view to add ballet in September! Highly recommend school of dance

Anne-Marie Summerfield

I have been going to MPSD for nearly 2 years now and I absolutely love it! Kayla is really supportive and helps me out of I’m struggling with a dance. I have also met a lot of amazing friends here and we all have so much fun dancing together. A few months ago I didn’t have much confidence so kayla let me help teach in the junior classes along with herself and Skye and I can feel that I am more confident in the junior class and senior class.

Kiera Raynor -Johnson

My daughter (4) loves Michaela School of Dance, her confidence and independence as blossomed since she started and she is always looking forward to go to her classes. Miss Kayla is a fantastic teacher, her classes are great and she is very attentive. My little girl has flexibility issues and Miss Kayla and her teacher assistants have been amazing working with her and the improvement in her legs has been incredible. I would absolutely recommend Michaela school of dance!

Chantal Russell

Simply superb! Phoebe loves her ballet classes and recently attended one of the summer workshops which she also thoroughly enjoyed. Kayla has a natural warmth with the children and manages to bring out the best in them all. My husband and I love being able to see her progress during the termly watch weeks and to top it off the classes are very good value for money. Cannot wait for the new term.

Amy Knight

Fab fab fab!! Kayla and her assistants are superb. Annabelle has been going since just before she was 2 and has loved every minute. Highly recommend for your little ballerina’s xx

Sarah- Jane

Miss Kayla is a wonderful teacher for Ballet. My daughter thoroughly enjoys going weekly to the Pre-school ballet classes. Highly recommend

Natalie Wood

My 3 year old daughter loves her Funky Jazz class. She loves modern upbeat music, so suits her perfectly. Would highly recommend!

Kirsty Masters

Lillie-Rose loves going to ballet at MPSD! She can’t wait to go every week and has really missed it over the holidays! Miss Kayla shows so much love & kindness to her students & their families that the children pay it back with motivation & dedication! We really wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Lisa Greenslade