TERM DATES FOR 2019/2020:

9th September 2019 – 20th October 2019

4th November 2019 – 15th December 2019

6th January 2020 – 16th February 2020

24th February 2020 – 29th March 2020

20th April 2020 – 24th May 2020

1st June 2020 – 19th July 2020


Michaela Poulton School Of Dance is a friendly dance school based in Rockbeare and Cranbrook, 10 minutes outside of Exeter.

We aim to provide the best training for talented, motivated children of all ages. The Michaela Poulton School of Dance endeavours to make their students become more aware of themselves, their skills, abilities, interests and values. We will encourage all students to develop and flourish in a happy and supportive environment, directing natural talents to grow, supporting life skills and developing creativity. We feel that liaison between arts and at home is a very important one and we do all in our power to foster this relationship. No matter what class they take – Ballet, Funky Jazz, Street Jazz or Musical Theatre it will be an enjoyable experience, a healthy activity that increases self-discipline and self-confidence and hopefully giving a lifetime of enjoyment and fun.

All students are given regular opportunities to show their dancing to family and friends. The school holds watching week at the end of every term.