Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the school show mandatory?

No, However We encourage every dancer to take part, from now until the show every class will be practicing and preparing for the show, those who choose not to perform will continue to attend classes and learn the dances; during choreography they will shadow other dancers.

What happens if my child does not want to take part in the show? (For example low confidence)

We support each child throughout the entire process, every child in previous shows I have been apart of who were a little nervous said they had an amazing time and did not want it to end.

What is the procedure to take part in the show?

You will complete form and have made payment by the due date which is Monday 6th March 2017

What if I miss the deadline to register my child for the show?

Please contact Miss Kayla directly and immediately to discuss if it is possible to participate.

Can I pick my child up after she/he has danced?

No. All students will remain backstage for the entire show with teachers and volunteers. We discourage audience members leaving during the show as it is rude and disrespectful to the dancers on stage and also to the rest of the audience.

What are the costs for taking part in the show?

Minimum two tickets £14/£10

Show Fee £25

Some classes will be asked to purchase their own costumes or accessories if we feel it will be cheaper to do this yourself (you will be notified)

When is the Show fee due?

The show fee is due week commencing Monday 6th March 2017 when you attend class that week, if show fees are not fully paid a costume will NOT be ordered for your child and you may incur additional charges for delivery etc.

When do we get our costumes?

Costumes are not to keep they are only to rent. We will keep all costumes and place them in the correct changing rooms on the day of the rehearsals/show

What if I damage or lose the costume or accessories?

You will be responsible for contacting us directly before the show and pay for a replacement providing the company can ship in time; otherwise the student will not be able to participate.

My child attends more than one class are all classes taking part?

Yes all classes are taking part in the show, your child will have a dance and separate costume with each class they attend, please do not worry they will have adequate time to change and rest between dances.

Does my child need to attend all classes and rehearsals?

It is crucial that all students attend classes. If a student misses too many consecutive weeks of then the teacher has the right to exclude the student from all or part of the dance as it is not fair to the other students. It is only one week out of the whole year, please be committed.


Are show fees/Costumes refundable?

No refunds will be given under any circumstances

Who will look after my child?

All of our teachers will be present backstage; also there will be DBS checked volunteers and some licence chaperons.The older students only require one or two helpers. The students are always very excited, they will be kept occupied and before they know it the show is over. You can be rest assured we take child protection and safe guarding of children very seriously.

Will there be photographs taken?

Yes we hire a photographer to take photos at the dress rehearsal

Can I take photos or video the show myself?

No. It is very distracting for the performers and other audience members. We will stop the show if we see anyone videoing or taking flash photographs.

If I have any more questions what do I do?

Please speak to one of the teachers or email us on

We hope the above has helped you. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask. The show should be an enjoyable, rewarding and positive experience for all involved.

Thank you.

Michaela Poulton School of Dance Team